This just might be the best place for a cabin in all of South Dakota.

Not only does it offer some of the most breathtaking views you'll find in the Mount Rushmore State, but it also has all the amenities you'd ever need, along with that rustic feel.

According to the folks over at Only In Your State, the cabins in question are located at the Wickiup Village, about a 15-minute drive from the town of Lead.

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What makes a stay at these cabins so special? The village has some amazing scenery for starters, with the black hills in the background, a beautiful creek nearby, and plenty of trees.

As you can see, the area is pretty remarkable for sightseeing. It's also only about a 20-minute drive from Deadwood, and just 45 minutes from Mount Rushmore.

Another great thing about these cabins is that inside, they have electricity, satellite television, laundry, comfortable beds, and plenty of room for the entire family.

The Wickiup Village is family-owned and operated, and you can tell how much care they put into the place soon after visiting. They even have gathering spaces and firepits outdoors for events and reunions.

To see the full article on the Wickiup Village, check out the article by Only In Your State here.

And to see the rates for the Wikiup Village, along with availability, you can view their calendar here.

Story Source: Only In Your State

Story Source: Spearfish Cabins/Wikiup Village

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