Exercise is good for you. Period.

Anywhere, anytime. Running, lifting, playing tennis, you name it, it's all good.

While that is true enough, there is a time when you probably shouldn't exercise. In fact, there's a specific time when it could be very dangerous to exercise. And that specific time is when you're angry or upset. Huh?

According to research from Canada's McMaster University, an intense run or workout at the gym while you're stressed or mad triples your risk of a heart attack. But hold on just one minute, cowboy. I always thought exercise is good for your heart. In fact, it even helps in preventing heart disease. So what gives?

Well, their study revealed that being angry or upset doubled the risk of suffering heart attack symptoms within one hour. And it doesn't have to be just your exercise regimen. Any heavy physical exertion while you're, ah, torqued off increases those heart attack symptom risks.

So yes, do exercise regularly. It is good for you. But if you're steamed at somebody or something, maybe cool down a bit. Simmer down, take a breath. Don't be all upset. Okay?

Now, go out for that regular run.

TheStar.com contributed to this article 

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