So there you sit, finishing up your third ice cream sundae of the week. Now, over to the refrigerator to top it off with a couple of big fat juicy dill pickles. And that's not the strangest thing, nope. You feel like you'd like to have a nice bowl of sauerkraut, too. And you've always hated sauerkraut!

What the heck is going on with these bizarre cravings??

No, you're probably not pregnant (and most certainly not if you happen to be a male type of fella).  What you may be going through is a kind of pandemic craving or a stress craving. Yes, apparently, it's a real thing.

Yahoo! Sports has an article about it, and according to the experts, it's the real deal. One Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan studies such things and he's certain that, yes indeed, there's a link between stress and how we all process cravings. It all has to do with something called a neurotransmitter along with a bunch of other big words that are way beyond me. You can read about it for yourself here.

Anyway, for us common type folks, the bottom line is: Stress can directly promote cravings...and these past weeks and months have certainly carried a fair amount of stress.

So I guess if all of a sudden you find yourself enjoying a third helping of pigs' feet, something that almost made you gag even thinking about before, blame it on the pandemic. If you find yourself reaching for another slice of pizza with pineapple on it (the kind you used to make fun of), blame it on the pandemic. As for me, when I swing through DQ for my third M&M Blizzard of the week, I'll just silently curse the pandemic while I'm scraping the last little bit out of the bottom of the cup.

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