This whole COVID 19 Coronavirus thing is stressful. It's weird, it's crazy. Everything is turned upside down on so many levels.

Is this the weirdest thing I've ever seen? Well, of course, depending on the definition of weird I'd say...


I'm talking about my lifetime, which with each passing day gets more considerable!

All of us on a personal level have gone through stress, trouble, tragedy perhaps, anguish. But what I'm talking about here is on a national level, the kind of craziness that affects the whole country.

For me, well I'm old enough to remember the Kennedy assassination in November of 1963. Just a little kid, I do remember that it caused a lot of stress and tears. Ask your parents or Grandparents and they'll tell you exactly where they were when they heard the tragic news. But we/they got through it.

9/11. Yes, it did turn our country 'upside down'. Our lives changed. But we got through it.

Being someone who loves American history (I have too many books but I love them all), there have been times that I think we're a whole lot more nationally stressful.

The Civil War? Yeah, that would rank right up there. And the Revolutionary War wasn't a walk in the park either. But those are ancient times, right?

But the generation or two before me, in my opinion, went through more stressful times.

The Depression, the dirty 30's, a decade my Grandparents (and yours) survived. World War II? My dad (and millions of others) was in that. And there's more.

I don't bring these things up as a comparison. OK, wait, maybe I do. But the point is this:

We know now that America came through the Great Depression and things got better. But at the time, '31, '34, '36...they didn't know that. They didn't know how long it would last. But they persevered.

We won the Great War, WWII. But in 1942, '43 they didn't know that They didn't know how long it would last. But they persevered.

We're in something called COVID 19. The Coronavirus. Is it the strangest, most stressful time in my lifetime? Yes, but not ever. And I know one thing...

We don't know how long it will last, and we will persevere. We will get through it.

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