Let's face it: Life has been very stressful because of all the unknowns created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many people just want COVID-19 to disappear as well as the stress that comes with it.  But here's a reality check.  Stress is still going to be a very real part of our daily lives.

Life is very tense at the moment, and that's not totally going to change once COVID-19 is behind us. Yes, most of us have more stress than we did at the beginning of the global pandemic.  However, that doesn't mean that stress still isn't going to be part of our daily lives once the pandemic is in our rearview mirrors.

The CDC explains that stress is common after a traumatic experience or a reaction to certain situations that life throws at you.  Some signs of stress include headaches, feeling sad or frustrated, difficulty concentrating, or stomach pains.

Everyone handles stress differently depending on the situation. I was recently reminded of this.  So whether you cope with stress on your own or with a group of people, here are some helpful recommendations from the CDC.

10 Ways To Cope With Stress

How do you cope with your stress?

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