We'd already seen a first look at 'The Simpsons' going the LEGO route with photos of Homer and the rest of Springfield done up in brick for May 4 installment "Brick Like Me," but like 'The LEGO Movie' before it, these things work best in motion. Catch the first look at Homer building his LEGO life with FOX's first promo for the 550th episode, "Brick Like Me!"

TVLine scored the first look at the landmark LEGO 'Simpsons' installment, which admittedly first previews the April 27 installment "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting," but also follows with a look at "Brick Like Me." In it, we see the entirety of Springfield Elementary collapsing, along with a look at Comic Book Guy looking surprisingly thin as LEGO figures go, as Homer boasts for everyone to "kiss my flat butt"!

Previously, we learned that the episode would see Homer mysteriously wake up in a world where he and all of Springfield are made of LEGO, forcing him to “put together” how he got there, and how he might return. As if that weren't enough 'Simpsons' goodness in our future, don't forget the upcoming 12-day marathon to commemorate FXX’s acquisition of syndication rights, and that major death still looming. Hmm, might a certain LEGO breakdown be involved, we wonder?

Check out our first look at 'The Simpsons' going LEGO for "Brick Like Me" above, and give us your predictions for the May 4 special in the comments!

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