The second season of The Masked Singer premiered last night. I am totally invested in this ridiculous idea of a show. But it's so fun!

Ok, last season I thought the show looked so stupid, but I watched a couple episodes in the middle and made a few predictions to my brother and I was right on most of them. He was super impressed.

So, for the new season, I decided to watch from the beginning.

Last night two people were revealed. Egg was Johnny Weir, which I totally guessed. And Ice Cream was Ninja. Who I had never heard of, but apparently he's a big deal in the gaming world.

Here are my guesses so far.

Butterfly- might be Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child. Full disclosure, I saw someone on Twitter guess that and it sounded good to me so I stole their guess.

Thingamajig- Chris Webber. Again, I kind of cheated. I googled basketball players with #4 and a shoe line.

Skeleton- Before hearing him sing I immediately thought Dana Carvey. But, it might be Martin Short.

Ladybug- Is without a doubt, 100% positive, it is Kelly Osbourne. I will bet you money!

Rottweiler- This one has be baffled. I tried googling people who had been bitten by dogs and came up with nothing! I'm gonna need more clues for this one.

Tree- Also has me baffled. However, talking to a co-worker today, he suggested Darlene Love, and that's a solid guess. So, I'll go with that for now.

Next week there is a whole new batch of singers! So we will meet back here same time, same place.

Also, can we just discuss how good everybody is this year. Obviously, different levels of good, but nobody has been particularly awful. I'm overall, very impressed.


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