In the seventh season of The Masked Singer, the show is trying to mix it up a bit.

Instead of just having these masked performers come out one by one and do their thing, for this season, they are divided into three groups or teams.

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The three teams are The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly.

I thought we'd hear from all of one team in one episode and so on and so forth. But we got a couple from each group in the premiere.

Nick Cannon is back as host and the panel still consists of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.

So, let's get to it!

From The Cuddly, Thingamabob. This guy is huge and I don't think it's just the costume making him look big. The voice was pretty good and super familiar, but I couldn't quite make a guess. Jenny McCarthy guessed Chris Jericho from WWE and I remembered he has a band so I'll go with that for now.

McTerrier from The Good started his performance on drums and spoke with a Scottish accent. Is that real or fake? Then at the end of his performance, his mask falls off! What? How? The panel turned around and said they didn't see anything, but I'm skeptical. Even with that mishap, I don't have a good guess. I noticed a gold record in the clue package and he started on drums so could be a musician.

Firefly is also from The Good. She started to sing and was doing really well when she seemed to start literally choking. They stopped the performance and came back to her later. The clue package alluded to stand-up comedy and Tyler Perry. I think the voice sounds like Monica. The clues don't make sense for her, but I'm going with Monica anyway.

Cyclops is from The Bad and the costume hides so much. You can't tell a body type or anything. The voice wasn't familiar and I have no guess.

Ram was also from The Bad and the clue package was full of football references. Maybe it is too on the nose, but I think it's Kurt Warner. He was a Ram when they were in St. Louis. He's not really a 'bad guy' per se, but that is my guess!

In the end, McTerrier was voted off and revealed to be... Duff Goldman from Food Network. I used to love his show Ace of Cakes! A little bummed I didn't put it together. Probably for the best that he was voted off first since his mask already fell off!

All in all, so far this season is tough. I am really struggling with guesses. There are still a bunch more masked performers we haven't heard from yet. Better luck next week.

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