The history of Country Music is filled with legendary names and among the biggest is Bobby Bare.

His Hall Of Fame country career began in the 1960's with perhaps the song that is most closely associated with him, 'Detroit City'.  That great classic not only became a country music standard, it was also a major pop music smash and earned Bobby a Grammy for Best Country and Western Recording.

So many great hits followed, songs that we all sang along with through the years.  '500 Miles Away From Home', 'Four Strong Winds', 'Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn' and more.  Bobby received more Grammy nominations and the legend grew.

The 1970's saw Bobby's incredible career continue.  That was the decade he teamed up with legendary songwriter Shel Silverstein and, in my opinion, released the best country album ever, 'Lullabys Legends and Lies'.  The hits kept coming for this talented artist with songs like 'The Winner', Alimony', 'Dropkick Me Jesus (Through The Goalposts Of Life) and the duet with his son Bobby Bare Jr., 'Daddy What If'.

And yet, with all those classics, all those great hit's we all cranked up on our radios, the 2013 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee had only one #1 hit.

That's right,  only one!

But what a hit it was.  Written by Silverstein and Baxter Taylor, it was the story about a voo-doo queen that you didn't want to be messing with.  Her name was Marie Laveau.  It went to Number One in 1974 and that ugly witch became one of the most famous characters in a country music song.

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