It can be upsetting to see a goat hit by a car, of falling off a tower, or head-butting people at a party. Okay, a goat crashing a party is kind of funny, but the others?

Relax. It's just a video game. However, this video game could prove to be the most popular download of the year when it's complete.

Coffee Stain Studios, the game's developer, has released a mere glimpse of Goat Simulator. The preview has garnered over a million and a half views in one week. making it the most anticipated game since the latest Grand Theft Auto.

Coffee Stain has already received an email or two about the violent nature of the game. However, they say, that the goat never gets hurt — it “ragdolls” after every altercation, then gets right back up again.

Here's the idea: Your goat get's points for kicking things over. Bucket's bikes, towers, and yes...people. As it turns out, goats are pretty good at ruining parties.

So no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true.

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