A group of Sioux Falls elementary students got a little ice fishing in over the weekend.

Students with Hayward Elementary were given the opportunity to ice fish on Sunday (February 21) at Lake Lorraine. Dakota News Now is reporting that 20 students from Hayward Elementary braved the falling snow for a chance to win prizes for the largest catch. Every student got to take home a fishing pole once they were done.

The ice fishing event is in conjunction with a new partnership between developers and the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department.

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The event was designed with the hope that kids will want to continue with the sport of ice fishing after having such a fun experience at the lake.

According to Dakota News Now, the youth event was created to remember Scott A. Gackle, an outdoorsman who passed away in 2019. Dustin Taylor, a good friend of Gackle, helped to orchestrate the event with the help of the Game, Fish, & Parks Department and Lake Lorraine developers. They wanted to create an event that allows children the opportunity to fall in love with outdoor activities.

Kids throughout the Sioux Empire will have the chance to participate in future events sponsored by GFP later this year.

Those interested can learn more about upcoming events by following Lake Lorraine and The Outdoor Campus on their social media pages for additional announcements coming soon.

Source: Dakota News Now

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