It was July 9, 2002 and it was the All Star Game being played in Milwaukee. It was a game that will forever go down in history.

There were home runs, stolen bases and amazing catches (not the least of which was Torii Hunter's snag that robbed Barry Bonds of a home run), but the game still ended in a 7-7 a tie.

With both teams' 30-man rosters already depleted, the managers, umpires and Commissioner Bud Selig decided the 73rd All-Star game should end in a tie, if the NL could not push across the winning run in the bottom of the 11th.

The managers' use of all 30 players per side was an All-Star Game record.

The commissioner not only was sitting in the front row, but also had to digest some serious booing sent his way by the crowd of thousands.

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