Believe it or not, school is just around the corner.  There's no way to avoid this fact, especially with "Back to School" signs lining the store aisles.  Class is back in session for Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools on August 19th followed by the Sioux Falls School District on the 22nd.  So how can you spend the rest of your summer?

There are a few ideas that come to mind. For kids, it's important for them to get off the couch and off their phones to go outside.  Kids might not have the time to enjoy the outdoors once school starts due to homework and other school activities.  Encourage them to ride their bikes, throw some water balloons, or play hide n' seek with the neighbors.

Going for a long run is another idea for anyone to do before the colder temperatures enter the Sioux Empire.  Running is one of my favorite things to do.  It's an easy way to enjoy the sun while getting in a good workout.

Going to a concert over the summer is another way to spend the last days of summer.  In my opinion, summer isn't complete if I don't attend a show.  With the Sioux Empire Fair quickly approaching, it's easy to spend the day enjoying rides, eating food, and listening to some great music.

What are some plans you have before summer ends? Click here to find out what is happening around Sioux Falls before the end of summer!


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