If you're my age, you best remember Terry Bradshaw as the multi-Super Bowl Champion as a Hall of Fame quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The guy won four Super Bowls in six years. He was at the pinnacle of the football world.

If you're, ah, a bit younger...you know him best as one of the voices of FOX television's NFL Sunday pre-game show. He, Jimmy, Michael, and Howie fill you in on what's happening on the field this weekend.

And if you're a Classic Country Music fan, you may remember him as a successful Country Music artist.

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What?? Well, maybe you have to be a hardcore classic country music fan to remember.

It was in 1976 that Terry charted three country singles, including the Top 20 hit 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry'. And while it certainly isn't Hank Williams great, it's not bad, either. Give it a listen.

1976 was, of course, in the middle of Terry's Hall of Fame NFL career. It certainly didn't hurt that this was 'Terry Bradshaw', a name that was known worldwide. But I'd have to admit, it wasn't just a 'novelty' of a famous athlete singing a country song either. It really is pretty good, don't you think?

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