Iconic sportscaster and NFL celeb Terry Bradshaw released a country song last week, and it's all about going a little crazy during the COVID-19 quarantine.

In "Quarantine Crazy," the football star sings that he's feeling "'Achy Breaky' like Billy Ray Cyrus, 'cause if I leave I might get that virus."

That's just one of the country music callbacks Bradshaw reels off in the catchy number complete with honky-tonk staples such as steel guitar. But interestingly enough, the song found in its initial inspiration in an exclamation made amid coronavirus-related lockdown by the TV personality's wife, Tammy.

"I was on the phone … talking football," Bradshaw tells Rolling Stone, "And Tammy's in the kitchen, and she hollers at me and says, 'Terry! I'm going quarantine crazy!' I said, 'Quarantine crazy? Hey, that's a country song title.'"

From there, the legendary broadcaster, actor and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback devised the tale of "Quarantine Crazy." It's about a man who's unaccustomed to spending so much free time with his family.

Bradshaw explains of the tune's protagonist, "He's the guy that's never taken time to spend with his family; always got an excuse. It's either, 'Honey, football season. Got to work late. Golf on Saturday to get the stress off of the week's work.' He's always got all these excuses. But now he's quarantined and he has to spend time with them."

But Bradshaw also has a serious message for those struggling to stay sane while staying homebound. Taking another page from country's playbook, the sportscaster says that America has enough grit to endure.

"We're going to get through this," Bradshaw adds. "And we're going to learn from it. And this country was built on tough people who don't take no for an answer; who persevere and have a positive outlook."

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