It's hard to take a Minnesota road trip without stopping at the iconic Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan.

This delicious Minnesota candy shop has been along Highway 169 for over 40 years. Minnesota's Largest Candy Store was set to move due to everyone's favorite headache...road construction. But it looks like the store is staying!

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READ MORE: Minnesota's Largest Candy Store Is Moving

Multiple reports from FOX 9 and KARE 11 in Minnesota confirm the exciting news Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is no longer moving. In a previous story, the store was planning to move because the main access to the storefront would be cut off when a new interchange on Highway 169 gets up and running. This gave owner Robert Wagner the excuse to build a bigger location.

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store
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Robert Wagner tells FOX 9 and KARE 11 that building a new location is too expensive due to the soil condition on part of a land swap in Scott County. It would have been less than a mile away from the original Minnesota's Largest Candy Store.

"The plan to move the store is beyond on hold. I believe there’s a strong possibility that we will stay here for the rest of time."

The new location for Minnesota's Largest Candy Store would have been opened by the spring of 2027.

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store has more than just candy. Inside this sweet surprise, you'll find a variety of popcorn flavors, pastas, jellies and jams, and the world's largest soda collection! This is a sweet tooth's paradise!

Thousands of tourists travel to Minnesota to see Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. Take a look at this video about a tourist's recent experience. He was living his candy dream!

Glad to see that Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is not going anywhere!

What Its Really Like Inside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

I finally stopped by that big yellow building along a Minnesota highway and couldn't have imagined everything I'd see inside of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

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