Spring Cleaning. Some of us hate it. Some of us love it. And no matter what time of year you actually do it, cleaning has to be done.

A new study done by Clorox revealed that cleaning can actually improve your mood.

The research found that for every hour of cleaning that was done there was a 53% increase in happiness. Ya know, I gotta admit, I don't enjoy cleaning per se, but I do feel an overall sense of accomplishment when I'm done. A weird sense of relief after a good deep clean.

You might be thinking that the people surveyed must already like cleaning so of course they felt better, but the survey showed that people that already enjoy cleaning had a 25% increase in happiness.

Cleaning and having a clean home had other positive outcomes as well. According to the study, 80% of people said they feel more relaxed when their home is clean, 77% feel more focused, 72% sleep better, and 72% said they're more productive.

Parents also noticed differences in their kids when they were in a clean environment. 60% said their kids are able to study better in a clean room and 49% noticed a change in behavior overall.

So, I guess I've put off cleaning out my closets long enough!

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