June is National Candy Month. Who knew?

Well, someone over at Zippia did and they decided to go through a bunch of Google trends to identify every state's favorite candy.

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There were a few parameters to the study. They limited it to 20 candies and excluded gum, soda (or if you're Midwestern, pop), and seasonal candy.

So, let's get right down to it.

South Dakota's favorite candy...Snickers!!! Very solid choice.

Iowa's favorite was Butterfinger, Nebraska chose Skittles as their favorite, North Dakota's favorite was Kit Kat, and Minnesota prefers Twix.

Starburst and Skittles were tied for the most state's favorite. They were chosen by 7 states as the favorite.

Skittles was #1 in Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Vermont, Virginia, and Texas.

Starburst was #1 in Arizona, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Hershey Bars came in 3rd place. Six states chose Hershey as the favorite, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina.

However, even though Starburst and Skittles were tied at the top with 7 states, chocolate is still better overall. I didn't need a study to tell me this, but chocolate was preferred over fruity candy! 33 states chose a chocolate candy over fruity.

Also, fun fact, Hershey bars were in the top 3, but in the company's home state of Pennsylvania, the favorite was Milky Way.

As for the least favorite candy bars in Sioux Falls, I conducted my own very scientific study. You can see the results of that, here.

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