For many people, when they think of Tabor, South Dakota the first word that comes to mind is Czech. The second word that comes to mind is...Czech. And then of course, the next two words are Czech Days.

So while it's easy to just talk about the annual Czech Days in Tabor, let's take a little closer look at this community because it truly is one of South Dakota's best Under A Grand, one of those small towns that help make South Dakota the greatest state in the nation.

It was in the 1860's that the town that would become Tabor first starting seeing the Czech immigrants. Like almost all the other immigrants that settle all around the United States, the goal was this: Improved living conditions and attaining a better and brighter future.

The American Dream

Now these folks had to organize a community, a town, and the first thing they needed?

A church. Being mostly Catholic, they first held organized services in a log home...making 'do', if you will. But it wasn't long before they built it: The first church of the St. Wenceslaus Parish. That first church soon became too small for the growing community and in 1898 a beautiful new red brick church was built. And that beautiful red brick church, while no longer new, is still being used to this day.

But back to Czech...and Czech Days.

The annual celebration is what most people think about when they think about Tabor. The 2019 celebration is history, but it's never to early to plan ahead! The 2020 Czech Days will be the 72nd and is slated for June 18-20, 2020.

Now, if you love to hunt and/or fish, Czech Days may be the, uh, second thing you think of because the area around town has world class hunting and fishing. And while you're visiting the friendly folks, and checking out the historical buildings, you can retrace the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, too. Yep, those two came through the area as well.

Whether a relaxing vacation stop or looking for a nice place to live...welcome to Tabor, one of South Dakota's best 'Under A Grand'!

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