Great things come in small packages.

And so it is with the small towns that dot the map of the state of South Dakota.

Having grown up near a small town (OK, a real small town), I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the little guys, those towns who thrive while being 'Under A Grand'. Those places where, as the saying goes, 'everyone knows everyone'. And so it is with a fine community just 30 miles or so southwest of Sioux Falls.

Welcome to Turner County, and welcome to the small town with a big heart.

Hurley is 415 people or so strong. A town of nothing but the friendliest people in the state (alright, alright, there might be one grouch in the bunch, just ask around) and open arms welcoming you to enjoy the hospitality.

But really, what the heck is there to do in a town of 415?

You'd be surprised! We can start with the annual 'Hot Hurley Nights' July 26 through the 28th. What's that all about? Glad you asked! From music to tractors to wine to bean bags to volleyball to BBQ....whew! Oh, there's more, get all the details on their Facebook page.

And once you're in town and talking with the folks (those of us from small towns do like to visit), they'll tell you about their great parks, the best middle school in the state (the high school is just over there in Viborg), the robust business community and where to get the finest cup of java you've ever had (and expect to stay a while, as I said before, we like to visit).

If you want convenience, yet keep the warm small town feel, you've got it in Hurley.

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