OK, schools out and it's time for to get away from it all. Let's go on vacation!

But wait. Gas prices. Ugh. That's going to put a kabosh on our plans. Traveling is going to be way too expensive. Well, maybe for folks in other parts of the country, but not here.

You see, we're lucky 'round these parts, pardner. We're all just minutes away from a fun tourism spot in South Dakota. Whether you have a day or a week, whether you're alone or have a big ol' family, whether you're just tryin' to get by or have a truck load of cash, there's virtually something for everyone. And you won't have to take out a second mortgage for gas.

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From the Palisades near Garretson to the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls to Pioneer Village in Madison. Maybe meander on over to Murdo to see the Auto Museum, or take a tour of the State Capitol in Pierre.

Aberdeen has a beautiful theme park, and the fishing up in the Northeast is some of the best in the upper Midwest. Speaking of fishing, there's not much more relaxing than swinging on over to Mobridge, drop a line in the mighty Missouri and watch a beautiful Dakota sunset.

Of course, we have the usual suspect's too. How long since you spent a few hours at Wall Drug? Driven through the Badlands? How about a Black Hills trip? Bring the kids along and rediscover (or discover!) Keystone, Hill City and of course, our national shrine, Mt. Rushmore. Deadwood? Oh yeah, get up close and cozy with Wild Bill and the gang along Main Street.

It doesn't matter where you live here in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. But I do have one final suggestion.

Just this one time, this one vacation, take a little extra time and just....stroll through our small towns. Take a slow drive and say Hi to the folks in Viborg, give a 'Howdy' to the folks in Ipswich, pull on through Salem and have a cup of coffee. Stop in Elk Point for an ice cream, drop by Howard for a cold drink, pop on over to Platte and ask for directions (not that you have to, but you'll find out how friendly folks are there).

Yep, whether you're in Lemon or Sisseton, Jefferson or Edgemont, or anywhere in-between...

I do have to give you one warning though: Keep your arm loose.

These folks around South Dakota are all going to wave a warm, friendly 'Hello, friend', and it would be right neighborly of you to wave back. It'll happen over and over and over.

Enjoy your South Dakota vacation.

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