Texting and driving is a big problem on the roads these days, especially with teens, and guess what state is guilty of it the most?

A recently published study conducted back in 2015 has revealed that South Dakota has just claimed the new teen texting while driving crown.

KSFY TV reports that data from a 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey was analyzed from nearly 101,000 high school students aged 14 years and older in 35 states in the nation. The data used pertained to which state had the highest rate of teen texting and driving, and the findings were just published in the latest issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health.

According to the results, KSFY says, 64 percent of teens in South Dakota admitted to texting and driving at least once in the month prior to completing the survey. That was good enough to land the top spot in the study.

Teens texting behind the wheel must be the thing to do in the Dakotas because our friends up in North Dakota wound up taking second place in the survey.

The most responsible teens in the nation when it comes to texting while behind the wheel reside in Maryland. The study indicated they had the lowest number of texting teens at 26 percent.

The study also found that distracted driving heightens the risk of crashing by up to nine times.

Just another very good reason to make sure you have the conversion with your teens about putting the phone down while they're behind the wheel.

Source: KSFY TV

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