South Dakota House of Representatives candidate Dusty Johnson believes that trade should be approached as a benefit for all, rather than a competition. He says that one of the central ideas of voluntary economic activity is that it benefits everyone.

"I'm a little concerned that we view it [trade] as a zero sum game with winners and losers," says Johnson. He feels that South Dakota would benefit most from an open trade plan.

Johnson, a former Public Utilities Commissioner, says that open trade is what powers prosperity. Since South Dakota exports more than $4 billion worth of agricultural products, being open to trading with anyone would make the state a lot of money.

Johnson is one of three candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the South Dakota House of Representatives against Neal Tapio and Shantel Krebs. According to the Argus Leader, Johnson currently leads the other two candidates in fundraising. This has led the other candidates to target Johnson.

The primary election for the nomination will be on June 5.

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