During her first term as the Governor of South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem has had to manage a number of crises including floods, tornadoes, and now a global pandemic.

Governor Noem has been strong and firm in her fight for her state during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now, her state is sounding the alarms for her courageous efforts.

In a Twitter video posted on Monday night, Governor Noem strolls outside of what appears to be the Governor's Mansion in Pierre. Firetruck engines, police cars, and truck drivers lined the streets for a parade in support of Governor Noem. The mini-parade came as a shock to Governor Noem.  She had no idea the alarms and noise were all to applaud her for her work and dedication to the state and its people during the crisis.

Governor Noem states in her tweet, "I am so blessed to serve the people of the great State of South Dakota. You folks made my day!"

South Dakota was recently thrust into the national spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite the fact that there were many differing opinions on how South Dakota should be navigating a variety of difficult situations, Governor Noem consistently stood her ground on behalf of her state.   This parade is an indication that South Dakotans support Governor Noem, her leadership, and the initiatives she has implemented for the State of South Dakota and its people throughout the pandemic.

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