Sioux Falls Sloppy Wiener Food Truck had a really bad Halloween.

According to Dakota News Now, the Sloppy Wiener food truck was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene.

The food truck's owner, Bryan Krueger, stated that the hit and run took place around 3 a.m Sunday morning.

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The Sloppy Wiener had only been open for business since September. The truck was totaled and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help get the business up and running again.

On the GoFundMe the Sloppy Wiener Food Truck owner wrote:

“Hello everyone. My name is Bryan and I am setting up this account to help get back on the street serving my community.

On October 31, 2021, at around 3 am, a drunk driver smashed and totaled my food truck while it was parked. Please go to my Facebook page The Sloppy Weiner for more info on my truck and accident.

It was a hit and run and as we all know, insurance does not work fast unless you settle for pennies. This was my wife and I dream. We just started this around 2 months ago and have already created a largely known name along with high praises.

We want to continue to serve our community and see the smiles as people eat our food. We have the goal set at an amount that is a reasonable amount to get us back to working. This amount is a goal but remember, anything helps.

We lost everything and are now in huge debt. We just began this journey and have all our finances maxed to get it going only to be left with a shell of our dreams.

We want to thank God there were no injuries as to me, that is the number one thing. The equipment can be replaced by the generosity of peers but lives are never replaced. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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