Pastor Susan Omanson of Sioux Falls is fighting sex slave trafficking at home and abroad.

Susan, who has a heart for oppressed and needy people, says human trafficking is taking place in South Dakota.  Susan's ministry, Be Free 58 Ministries, is helping victims of this crime right here in Sioux Falls.

In Susan's words, "We have issues in our state.  There are men, women and children who are and have been exploited in South Dakota."

"There are a minimum of 17,000 women trafficked into the United States each year," according to Susan.  "We have women trafficked here for the hunting season as well as to the Bike Rally in Sturgis.  We need to do something about this...You name it.  It is here."

As a result of her ministries, Susan Omanson is truly making a difference in our community!