At 4pm today  (Monday), Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls is holding another food giveaway at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds!

For the past 3 years, Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls has sponsored food giveaways.  The church's pastor, Jeff Hayes, says over 3 million pounds of food have been given away.

I've been at several of the weekly giveaways.  It is amazing how many people continue to show up at the events.  Typically,  between 400 and 500 people participate in the giveaway.

The neat thing about the giveaways is the fact no one is denied food (regardless of their needs).  No questions are asked as the men and women pass through the tables filled with produce, meat and other food items.

It's great to have this kind of support in the Sioux Falls community.

Thank you Faith Temple for making a difference!