People know I'm the voice of Huset's Speedway, but I also do the promotions for the track. The final race of the season is this Sunday and I believe we should go out with a bang.

And a bang it will be with the drivers of the big class of outlaw sprints racing for way more prize money than they normally do. And the only drivers that are eligible to compete are the ones who met top performance requirements during the regular season.

So only the best drivers will race in this season ending showdown. It will give the fans a big show to cap off the season with.

My blueprint on putting this event together also included keeping the fans admission price low, even though the winner of the race gets four times the normal prize money, second place getting two times the normal money to win and third place receiving the normal amount paid to the winner.

A normal race night sees fans paying $13 to get in. This huge paying event for the racers has only a $2 increase on the fans admission as advance tickets for $15 are available at the Dollar Loan Centers in Sioux Falls, the sponsor of the event.

This is great for the drivers to have a chance to pick up some big money and it's really great for racing fans to come to this caliber of an event for a very affordable price. And it will be a show to see as you know the drivers will be running hard with everything they got. They all want to win this one!

This season championship event is this Sunday September 9 at Huset's Speedway and it starts at 5PM.