Low childcare and housing costs have helped land Sioux Falls on a list of the best Midwest cities to raise a family.

The financial planning website SmartAsset has South Dakota's largest city ranked ninth overall.


  1. Carmel, Indiana
  2. Olathe, Kansas
  3. Rochester Hills, Michigan
  4. Naperville, Illinois
  5. Parma, Ohio
  6. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  7. Plymouth, Minnesota
  8. Appleton, Wisconsin
  9. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  10. Troy, Michigan

According to the site, Sioux Falls $6,200 annual cost for full-time center-based childcare for infants is tied for the lowest in the region.

The city also has the 12th lowest housing prices in relation to income - just a little more than 17 percent. That's nearly half of the 30 percent that is recommended for a housing budget nationally.

Last Summer, SmartAsset ranked Sioux Falls as the United States' number-one city for young professionals.

The only negative the website mentioned was Sioux Falls' high school graduation rate, which is relatively lower than that of other cities on the list.

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