Dog beds will soon be history once you read this new study from the  American Kennel Club.  Time to make room for your pups in your bed!  Science says so!

The American Kennel Club found that 45% of people sleep with their dogs at bedtime.  60 million American households have dogs.  That means that almost half of these dogs are sharing our beds with us!

The study from the American Kennel Club continues to show that 20% of dogs sleep in their crates and only 17% of dogs use their own dog beds.  The remaining 4% of our dogs sleep outdoors.

So why sleep with our four-legged friends if they take all the covers and sometimes most of the space?  Apparently, it's very healthy and comforting to sleep with dogs.

Here are four reasons that science found why it is best to sleep with our furry best friends:
1) A pooch sharing the covers won’t negatively impact your sleep.
2) Throughout the course of the research, individuals’ blood pressure readings were at their lowest while they were petting their dogs.
3) Keeping your dog close can actually make you feel safer.
4) Sharing a bed deepens the bond between a human and its pooch.
Here are four reasons that science found why it is best to sleep with our furry best friends:
Dogs are known to reduce anxiety levels which is why they are considered amazing therapy animals.  Maybe if you are stressed about a big meeting at work or a huge school assignment looming on the horizon, it would not be a bad idea to bring your dog to bed with you to help calm any nerves you might be experiencing.
What's in it for your dog?  Well, according to a study from the  Human Nature Journal,  dogs who sleep with their human “best friends” strengthen their emotional bonds with them.  Your dogs feel more of a connection to you.
This might explain why my dog Honey always sleeps with me when she visits South Dakota.  Honey always jumps on my bed when it's time to go to sleep which is great because she loves to go to sleep early too.  We don't see each other often, but we always pick up right where we left off.
Do you let your dog or dogs sleep in your bed?
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