You may hear the old folks say it. 'We got a lot more snow in the old days'. And while that may be an exaggeration most winters, there actually is one that holds true.

The winter of 68-69.

On average Sioux Falls will get, oh, somewhere in the 40-something inch range over a winter season. And yes, truth-be-known, there are some days when it can be a pain in the you know what. But we can pretty much handle a total snowfall like that.

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But what if you doubled that? What if a hundred inches fell in one season? That might be a whole another story!

Well, the winter of 1968-69 didn't total up to a hundred inches, but it came close: officially 94.7" landed here in the greatest city in the world. And yes, that's according to the National Weather Service.

I was a school kid that winter, living about an hour or so from Sioux Falls in Minnesota. The old fellas said we must have had a hundred inches that winter and as it turned out, they weren't blowing smoke (or blowing snow for that matter, it was pretty much shovels and blades and buckets on the front of tractors). In my memory, which is a little faulty these days, it seemed like it snowed about every Thursday, the school would let out early, no school on Friday, and dig out over the weekend...week after week after week.

And though I don't recall it, the winter of 1961-1962 must have been a white one, too. In February of '62 Sioux Falls set some snow records, including 24-hour snowfall (26"), and the greatest monthly snowfall total (48.4").

Well, let's let those records stay records. We've actually had a pretty quiet winter so far. But March is here, so...

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