Some people might not be complaining about the mild winter weather. But it has not been easy for one Sioux Falls business.

Sioux Falls Great Bear Ski Valley is the place to be to beat the winter blues. However, snowboarders and skiers across the Sioux Empire have barely hit the slopes at Great Bear Ski Valley due to the unseasonably warm Sioux Falls winter.

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Before you throw your skis and snowboards back in the garage, Great Bear Ski Valley has an exciting update. Colder weather and some snow are making a comeback to the Sioux Falls area in the coming days, which is perfect for snowmaking magic!

In a post on its Facebook page, officials with Great Bear Ski Valley are planning to turn on the snow guns this Thursday night!

❄ Looking at the forecast, we should be able to fire up the snow guns again Thursday night to replenish our snow base! ❄
Although we'll be closed for snowmaking this weekend, we look forward to seeing you all again soon - stay tuned!

Great Bear Ski Valley has not announced a re-opening date yet...but Great Bear Ski Valley is determined to get the "snow" back on the road! Last week when the Sioux Falls ski spot announced they were temporarily closing, General Manager Dan Grider made it his mission to finish the ski season as strong as possible.

“Our goal is to get this place back open again, and we’re not going to take our foot off the gas pedal. The ski season isn’t over yet! We are committed to our season pass holders, and are evaluating all of our options in how we can best serve our guests.”

For more information visit or give them a call at 605-367-4309.

Dakota News Now (with permission)
Dakota News Now (with permission)

We can't wait to hit the slopes at Great Bear Ski Valley very soon! Mother Nature-Do your thing!

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