It would be great if we could all live a nice long life. And then when it's time to go, just go peacefully.

Here's a story of a man that lived a long life. But he didn't go in peace.

It's hard to imagine living to be 107, then dying in a shootout with police. But that's what happened in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

107-year-old Monroe Isador was holding two people at gunpoint in his home and threatening them. When police arrived they removed the two people from the house and then entered to begin negotiations.

Isadore responded by shooting at them through the door. No officers were injured and quickly called for backup including a SWAT team.

Reuters reports that negotiations were started and SWAT officers inserted a camera into the room where Isadore was holed up. When negotiations failed, SWAT officers threw gas into the room. Isadore fired again as officers entered the room. This time the officers returned fire, killing him.

Sad way to go out after such a long life.


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