A Sioux Falls Police officer fired at a suspect who had hit him in the leg with a vehicle near Falls Park on Friday (March 3) at approximately 3:45 PM according to Sargent Nick Cook of the Uniformed Services Division.  

The incident started when officers saw a stolen vehicle near 6th and Phillips and attempted to stop the suspects near Falls Park Drive and Weber Avenue:

During this time the driver, 22-year-old Orlando Hamilton, took off striking a patrol vehicle.  The vehicle continued and struck an Officer that had gotten out on foot, prompting the Officer to discharge his firearm.  The vehicle was pursued to N. Weber Ave and about 2 blocks north of E. Falls Park Dr where the driver lost control and crashed into a boulder on the side of the road.  Orlando Hamilton and the 17 year old passenger were taken into custody without further incident.

South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigations unit is investigating.  Charges are pending against Hamilton and the 17-year-old juvenile.

Officer Sam Clemens says the suspects were not injured and surrendered close to Falls Park after the stolen vehicle they were driving was disabled from the initial crash with a police car and lastly by hitting a rock.

Due to the extensive size of the crime scene, Falls Park and portions of Weber Avenue were closed for several hours on Friday.

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