These days, there is no shortage of growing communities in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. People are moving in droves to spots all over the map. But one small town seems to be getting bigger almost by the day.

With a thriving economy, strong school system, and affordable housing, it's no surprise to see this town's rise to the top.

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So, which Minnesota town is growing the fastest?

Credit: Living In Minnesota
Credit: Living In Minnesota

That's right, Rogers.

If you're familiar at all with the state of Minnesota, you've probably heard of, and even traveled through the town of Rogers. After all, it's home to one of the most popular stores in the entire state.

Credit: Living in Minnesota via YouTube
Credit: Living in Minnesota via YouTube

Rogers is home to Cabela's, which is visible to anyone traveling near the area and brings in visitors from all over the state. But that's not the only reason people are coming to Rogers.

According to Stacker, the small town has grown 73.5% in the past 12 years alone. Its current population stands at 13,295, making it Minnesota's 84 biggest city.

Many residents find Rogers to be the ideal spot to live. Not only does it still have that "small town" atmosphere, but it's also only 30 miles from Minneapolis and just 45 minutes from Saint Cloud.

Wanna learn more about the town of Rogers? Check out this informative video from Living in Minnesota's YouTube Channel.

Story Source: Stacker


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