The man pictured above is Roger Miller.

Roger Miller was a creative songwriting genius.  An argument could be made that there have been none better.

In 1965, Roger outdid the Beatles at the Grammy Awards Show with his signature hit song 'King Of The Road'.  He was clever, funny, but he was also a heartstrings pulling and thoughtful songwriter and artist.

For evidence of that, find his 1966 hit 'Husbands And Wives' (later a huge hit again for Brooks and Dunn).

But perhaps the legendary Roger Miller will be remembered best (or at least most) for his cleaver use of words, phrases and....well, noises!

And Roger didn't shy away from, shall we say, interesting song titles!  I recall a great song he did called 'Do-WacKa-Do'.  And then there was the 1960's head scratcher 'My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died'.  No, that's not a misprint...that's Roger.

But maybe, just maybe, the most interesting song title (and song) Roger recorded was a little ditty called 'You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd'.  So true.

Let's listen to the great Roger Miller.

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