If a song is a big hit once, well, you have a darn good record.  If that same song is a hit two different times, well then, you have a song that is well on it's way to becoming a classic!  But if a song is a three-times-hit...what is it then?

Well, that's what happened to the song 'Slow Dancing'.

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A man named Jack Tempchin composed 'Slow Dancing' and the group he was a member of, 'The Funky Kings', had a Pop/Easy Listening big hit with the song in 1976.

But the song really came to the attention of millions and millions of people when Pop/Rock legend Johnny Rivers released it as a single in 1977.  The song became a huge Top Ten smash around the world.

Then Johnny Duncan brought the song back...for a third time. Except this time it became a huge country music hit, the ninth Top 10 country hit in Johnny's country career.

A major hit song....times three and across two musical genre's. And who knows?  A great classic never dies.  Is 'Slow Dancing' due for another go-round at the top of the another music chart?

Stay tuned.


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