Have you ever looked around at your co-workers and thought 'Geez, what's with all the Gray Hairs around here?'

Yep, there's a bunch of, uh...older folks sitting next to you at work. It's being called the 'Gray Wave'.

Retirement is looking different than it used to look. As Baby Boomers continue to be the fastest growing age group, more and more of them (OK, of us) are staying at work. In fact, about one out of three have, or expect to hae, a job during what they thought would be their retirement years.

Why is that?

A number of reasons. For many, of course, it's simply a matter of financial security. In other words, they need the bucks. But that isn't the only reason.

The 'Gray Wave' may be due to the enjoyment of social interaction. That is to say, it's nice to be with other folks. Plus there's the sense of fulfillment and identity that work provides.

You can read the full report Bizjournals.com here, but one thing seems for certain:

The Gray Wave isn't going anywhere anytime soon.



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