A new option for childbirth classes has been announced in Sioux Falls, Certified Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator, Paige Goldadeis launching Birth Boot Camp.

The goal of the classes is to be aware of options in childbirth, and avoiding what she sees as unnecessary interventions.

“Far too many moms are being robbed of great birth experiences.” said Paige. "I became an educator because I want to prepare expecting couples to be educated and active participants in their birthing experience. Birth is a life changing event that parents never forget. I want them to have a birth they want to remember."

"Through my live and online classes, pregnant women and their partners will learn everything they need to know to have a healthy pregnancy and amazing birth experience," continued Paige.

"I offer ten different classes, many of these are available online for families who can’t fit live classes into their schedule or live too far away to make it to a weekly class. My classes range from just three hours to four, six and ten week sessions.  There truly is something for everyone."

Birth Boot Camp is a ten week series of relaxation and comfort measures, the process of labor and birth, nutrition and exercise, breastfeeding and baby care.

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