Life is full of firsts.

That first day of school. That first car. That first full-time job where you're paying for your own stuff, making your own way. First this, first that, first the other thing.

The Harris people took a Poll (well of course they did, it's what the Harris Company folks do) to find out what adults and kids think is the perfect 'first time'. Sometimes surprisingly they agreed! Sometimes, well, not so much. Take a look.

As for me...first car? A lovely '63 Chevy Impala 2-door hardtop (if you don't know what a hardtop is ask your Grandparents). First full-time job? Right over there in Winner, South Dakota. I made it all on my own (Ok, ok, with a little help from my folks). First date/first kiss?

Ahem...well look at that, we're out of time.

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