With America's birthday almost a week away, South Dakota residents are getting ready to light up the sky with fireworks. But if you're a new South Dakota resident, here's what you need to know before you shoot fireworks this Fourth of July.

Did you know you can only buy South Dakota fireworks the week before July 4th? And residents can't launch fireworks just anywhere in South Dakota.

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Before South Dakota can celebrate in the land of the free and home of the brave, it's important to know the fireworks laws in the state.

When Can You Buy 4th of July Fireworks in South Dakota?

New and current South Dakota residents can legally buy boxes of pyrotechnics beginning Thursday, June 27th until Friday, July 5th.

When Can South Dakota Residents launch Fireworks? 

South Dakotans can legally shoot fireworks beginning on Thursday, June 27th until Monday, July 8th. Besides celebrating July 4th with a bang, South Dakota residents can also use fireworks to ring in the New Year. Fireworks can legally be shot into the sky from December 28th until January 1st.

Can I Go Into Parks To Launch Fireworks in South Dakota? 

The Helpline Center lists the rules and regulations of fireworks. Fireworks are officially "unlawful/illegal/prohibited on public lands: every forest, every campsite, and every day." This includes:

  • All lands owned or leased by Game, Fish, and Parks.
  • State Parks, Recreation Areas, Lakeside Use Areas, Game Production Areas, and Nature Areas.
  • Boundaries of the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District, as well as the National Forests and National Parks in South Dakota.

Can I Shoot Fireworks in Sioux Falls? 

Well...yes and no.

Fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, parachute pieces without a flare, really anything that doesn't have a report is legal within city limits year-round. But fireworks that fly in the air with a report (the cool stuff that goes boom and lights up the night sky) are illegal to shoot inside Sioux Falls city limits.

If you got caught by the Sioux Falls police officers while discharging illegal fireworks inside city limits, you could be subject to a $95.00 fine.

Always remember to stay safe around fireworks and have fun this Fourth of July!

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