My family loves Halloween!  We always had fun wearing our costumes and walking around the neighborhood in search of the best treats and Halloween celebrations! 

When we were younger, Katie and I would wear identical costumes.  Our first costume was a pumpkin.  However, Katie wasn’t in her pumpkin outfit very long.  She lasted long enough to take some pictures.  You can only imagine what happened after the photo session was over...I'll just leave it at that.

One of my favorite costumes that Katie and I both wore was the bumblebee costume.  My Grandma Fifi made the costumes for our first “walking” Halloween.  Although I don’t remember wearing my bumblebee outfit, I sure do laugh when I look at those pictures.  We also dressed up as cowgirls, giraffes, Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz," and Dalmatians.  Knowing that she was going to be a veterinarian, I'm pretty positive the Dalmatian costumes were Katie's idea. She was very specific about different breeds of dogs from an early age.


Credit: Jim Manika


As time went on, Katie and I did not wear the same costumes.  Shortly after our 8th birthday, we decided it was time to choose our own costumes.  I was a pop star, secret agent, witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cleopatra.

I have wonderful memories of being with my family and friends on Halloween.   We all had a blast dressing up and being someone else for the day.  What are your favorite Halloween costumes and memories?