I've done a lot of writing for a lot of years, and I've known Terry Pospisil for almost as long.

Terry has recorded and released a new album Rainbows & Wreckage and I'm proud to say that Terry wrote all the music (and does a terrific job of singing) and I wrote the lyrics for all the songs.

Rather than a long explanation of our relationship, I'll just let a portion of the liner notes I wrote for the album do the explaining:

I first met Terry on a summer day. Not the 'Summer of Love', but the summer of 'I will resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow'. It's been a good long while back.

We both wore a younger man's skin. I was stringing words together and he was a talented musician and singer. As i recall, the first time he put his music and voice to my words was something called 'We'll Love, I Know'. It was primitive. And simple. And beautiful.

All these years later I'm still a word stringer. And he is an even more talented musician and singer.

The songs on this album span a few more than a few years. My hope is, at least one might touch you in a personal way. Perhaps bring you to a time, a place. Maybe produce a tear, a smile or both at once.

There are 9 originals on the album. The following is the lead track on the album, a song called Gas Was A Quarter. Sometimes it's kind of fun to remember the 'old days'...or maybe the days your parents or grandparents lived in:

Over the next several weeks I'll post a few more of the songs and let you know how you can get the album if you like them.

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