The number one benefit to getting the COVID-19 vaccine is clearly the fact that you get protection from the deadly coronavirus, but even though that seems like a great incentive, some are still not vaccinated.

Many businesses and even states throughout the US have begun offering some incentives to get the vaccination and help them move out of the pandemic.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is hoping his latest rollout of vaccine incentives will help his state get to a better-vaccinated number sooner rather than late.

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Those incentives will include tickets to the Minnesota State Fair, fishing licenses and state park passes.

Yes, weak things like free fishing licenses, state fair tickets, and things like that.

According to the administration in Minnesota, the goal is to have at least 70% of their population over the age of 16 in the state too be vaccinated by July 1.

I like the idea of incentives versus penalties for vaccinations, but I'm not sure a free park pass or a trip to the State Fair is going to get those on the fence to take the shot.

In Ohio for example, they are offering a lottery in which vaccinated citizens in their state are entered into weekly $1 million prizes and they had their first winner this week, a recent college grad.

Maybe weekly $1 million prizes are out of reach for the state of Minnesota, but I think somewhere between a free fishing license and $1 million would be a good place to start.

For more information on the state of Minnesota, news surrounding the state, and COVID-19 resources, you can visit their website.


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