Chances are you know Michael Nesmith as the stocking cap wearing member of the 1960's Pop Music Super Group 'The Monkees'.

Michael, Davey, Peter and Mickey sold millions....and I mean millions...of records.  And of course, they had the hit television show that millions more watched every week.

But did you know that, for this particular 'Monkee', there was a whole lot more to the story?

Michael Nesmith was (and is) a musician, composer, author, songwriter, actor, director, producer and businessman?  Whew!

And this 78 year old Houston, Texas native was, and is, a lot more 'country' than most people know.

It was back in 1976 that I first was introduced to 'Joanne'.  The Monkees were already a part of pop music history and a record came into the KWYR studio in Winner, South Dakota.

Michael Nesmith singing 'Joanne'.

It didn't become a worldwide smash hit.  But, for me at least, I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs of the year.  It was one of those songs that wasn't popish enough for pop/rock radio, and it wasn't country enough to comfortably fit between Jones and Haggard.  But one thing it was, was good.

And today it's a lot more country than a lot of 'country' being played on the radio.


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