John Mellencamp was and is a major Rock and Roll Star.  I remember being introduced to his music back in the early 1980s and even then he seemed to me to be, well, almost country.

His songs didn't crack the upper echelon's of the country music charts, but if you listen to his 1980's hits, well, they sound a lot more country than some of the country music songs and stars of today.

A great country song will often tell a story, an American story. Well, listen to the song and video below and you'll hear the story of 'Jack and Diane'.

Now then, is that song country? No, maybe not, but it's not far off.

John also is a co-founder of Farm-Aid, of course, with Willie Nelson and Neil Young.  And really, those 3 can take the stage altogether and put on one heck of a show, whether you call it country, rock or whatever. It's some great music.

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