The Pop Music Band The Monkees received a lot of criticism from several musical fronts.

They weren't really musicians.  They didn't play their own instruments.  They were fluff.  Their songs were light-weight and didn't matter.  They were, well, just plain goofy!

Meanwhile, the boys sold over 65 million records and had a hit TV show from 1966-1968.

Not bad for being a bunch of no-talent youngsters.

Right, but what does all that have to do with Classic Country Music?

Nothing really, except for a Number One Pop music smash they had in 1967.  Click on the video below and I'll bet you recognize it.

Now, fast forward 13 years to 1980.  There's 'Daydream Believer' again...only this time it's a Top 5 Country Music hit, and now a Country Classic, by Anne Murray.

Really not that much difference in the 2 version's of the song.  Hmm, maybe it wasn't the song that changed.  Maybe it was the times.

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