Two arrests have been made in connection with the Monday (October 17) robbery of the Crown Casino in the 900 Block of South Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls.

"We had a woman that walked into the casino," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "She briefly talked to the clerk and then went to the bathroom. We later learned she texted the man that was outside. She told him to come inside and rob the place. He went in and robbed the casino and then left. Apparently the two of them were supposed to leave together. When he got outside, he saw the car so he drove off with the car."

Clemens says police investigators made arrests shortly after the crime.

"It's a pretty unusual story but the detectives were able to put together what happened. At first, the woman claimed her car was stolen. But, then we realized that she had something to do with the robbery. We were able to get the names of the man and woman. We found him and pieced everything together. The two of them were both arrested on robbery charges. There were some drugs found on the woman so she faces drug charges as well."

Clemens identified the two suspects as 33-year-old Ashley Marie Hinker and 39-year-old Donald Ray Goings. Both are from Sioux Falls.

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