Sioux Falls Police Department say a 39-year-old man faces charges in connection with three casino robberies in the city.

"He was arrested Wednesday morning after a warrant was issued for three counts of first degree robbery. The warrant has a $100,000 cash bond," said Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"We have another person arrested in connection with the recent casino robberies. Sounds like Eddy Lopez of Luverne was the driver and had driven Angel Provincial to the different casinos. Sounds like there was involvement there where they planned this together. We were able to figure out that Lopez was involved and now he has been arrested."

Clemens says detectives have more work to do.

"We still have one more robbery that's out there. We do not believe this one is connected with the other casino robberies. We are still working on that."

Angel Provincial was arrested last week in the east side Walmart parking lot.

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