Beth Warden/Results Radio
Beth Warden/Results Radio

Outside of a handful of people who love the snow, a blizzard dumping a foot or more can feel more like a punishment for a bad deed, especially this time of year when average temperatures are supposed to be 60 degrees!

As a kid and even into my teen years I loved winter and playing outside, from the skating rink in our back yard, to snowmobiling and sledding.  All of it was a blast that created the good memories I love to recall today.

Here's one of the things that sucks about be a grown up.  Our responsibilities of adulting take over, sometimes too much, and snow only becomes work, including shoveling and driving in it.

One of my goals is to find some new ways to enjoy the snow again, rather than just endure it.  With winter this long in South Dakota, we better make peace with the winter weather and all it's nasty tricks. What is the silver lining to a spring blizzard?  Bundle up and ride through the new snow on an ATV!  My 2013 Polaris Sportsman HO went through it like butter!

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